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Saltbae is So Rad He Gets to Season Leonardo Di Caprio’s Steak

That’s right!

Credit: Twitter

Turkish chef Saltbae is becoming an internet meme due to his unique way of seasoning meat. How sick is that? I know, right.

He is so famous now, he gets to prepare and season steaks for the likes of, let’s say, Leonardo Di Caprio? No, seriously, check this out:


2017 Oscar adayi sensin dedi#saltbae #saltlife #salt @leonardodicaprio

A photo posted by nusr_et (@nusr_et) on

We’re not sure if the steaks he is seasoning are meant for the famous actor though; it so happens that he is a vegetarian. Be that as it may, the possibilities are endless. Maybe he is NOT seasoning steaks, but something else? Maybe, he pretends to season the dish for the sake of the photo. Who really seasons food at the table anyway? Whatever the answer, we have to admit: This Saltbae guy is pretty cool -Di Caprio is okay too, I guess.

Check out what this guy did to honour Saltbae!

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