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Pub Installs Electric Fence to Aid Social Distancing

Taking things a bit far?

Taking things a bit far?

As pubs reopened across England earlier this month, there were real fears about whether social distancing rules could be maintained after everyone had a few drinks. On the whole, it seems that most followed the rules, such as ordering their drinks from their table rather than going to the bar. However, one Cornish publican decided to take enforcement of the rules to the next level.

The Star Inn in Cornwall was fed up of people ignoring social distancing and decided to install an electric fence (!) between the bar and the rest of the pub. Certainly effective.

The pub’s landlord Johnny McFadden told Cornwall Live that the fence was there for ‘social distancing’ as ‘before the fence people were not following social distancing and were doing as they pleased.’ He added that the fence is for ‘everybody’s benefit.’

Image: Facebook/Tony Lea

Indeed, in a time when so many businesses are under threat of closure, Mr. McFadden should be applauded for investing money in being able to keep his operating safely.

Whilst Mr. McFadden notes that he has kept the fence turned off so far, he ominously suggests that ‘it can be turned on.’

So, for however long these strange times last, don’t dare to take your empty glasses back to the bar!

Inspired by Mr. McFadden’s efforts? Check out this awesome waiter kicking out a racist diner to inspire even more love for pub and restaurant workers.

Featured Image Credit – Cornwall Live

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