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WATCH: John Oliver Use Persuasive Language to Take Donald Trump Down a Peg

In the finale of “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver, he engages in satire and vivid language to call Donald Trump’s lack of concession as well as those supporting this behavior problematic in this democracy.

Credit: LastWeekTonight/YouTube

In the weekly, late-night show “Last Week Tonight” finale on November 15th, host John Oliver dove into a problem regarding democracy: Donald Trump’s lack of concession to the presidency. Oliver did not hold back from his satirical comments and vibrant language.

John Oliver expressed his sentiments expressively, lamenting the 45th President’s claims that there have been instances of widespread voter fraud thus making the 2020 election illegitimate. Oliver did not shy away from calling his behavior unsurprising. Rather he pointed to the disappointing problem, which is in those supporting Trump’s allegations.

Before he dove into the topic, he began to describe a newly discovered yellow turtle at the start of his segment, which he proceeded to call a “shiny cheddar cheese mistake” that he explained he would rather talk about than the situation concerning American people at the present time. 

From there, he transitioned to the big picture: one ridden with denial and assumptions that this November election was biased and skewed. Oliver confronted many of the Republican individuals who have not recognized President-elect Joe Biden as the 46th president or more significantly, simply denied the validity of this election. 

In rapid-fashioned, vibrant language–something Oliver holds immense control over–he called the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, a “business grimace” for stating that the Trump administration would prevail for a second term–all with the same eloquent flair that he used to josh about the egg-like, yellow turtle just a few minutes before. He also denounced a senior official’s words “What is the downside for humoring [Trump] for this little bit of time?” because of how dangerous that could be, comparing it humorously to parents accommodating their young children’s messes.

According to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency–which Oliver referred to in this episode–the members released a statement calling the November 3rd election “the most secure in American history.” They further stated that with close results, there are paper records of every vote just in case they need to be recounted.

In addition to these evidences, Oliver refused to come up empty-handed himself. Taking Fox News Tucker Carlson’s claims about dead voters, Oliver pointed to a sample done by CNN, which invalidated these concerns by checking the context. For instance, one of the individuals who apparently voted falsely ended up being the widow of the man who passed away–something Carlson in fact apologized for just a few days ago. Either way, regardless of these two networks’ stances on the political spectrum, Biden was already leading in states like Georgia in the thousands, something a few miscast votes wouldn’t affect–if they even did.

Oliver mentioned the many allegations of voter fraud by witnesses–something that did not hold up in court. When it came to affidavits, much information was often either retracted or not sufficient. For example, Republican Senator Lindsay Graham apparently obtained an affidavit from Pennsylvania postal worker Richard Hopkins about back-dating ballot postmarks but he allegedly recanted these claims.

Amidst these difficult COVID-19 times, Oliver finally wrapped up the ribbon and called Trump’s actions “absolutely unforgivable” because by consistently retweeting harsh voter fraud allegations, cases of the virus are still spiking in a time the newly elected president must receive intelligence reports and gain access to funds. He firmly stated that “Not my president” is different from “Not the president,” the latter Trump seems to be holding an iron clad fist over denying.

As of November 17th, Donald Trump still has not conceded the election.

You may watch the entire video below.

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