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The White House Has Already Begun Restoring Ties With the LGBTQ+ Community

How the Biden Presidency is already undoing the mess Trump made.

Featured image of President Biden via WikiCommons/The White House via WikiCommons

Inclusion has become a buzz word these days, and many on social media scoff at the idea. However, if you are in a group that is excluded, degraded, and left out, the need for inclusion is a real issue. It is easy to forget that it was just about 60 years ago that the Civil Rights Act was passed in the States… this prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. There are still people alive today that lived during a time when you could be turned away from housing or a job based upon the color of your skin.

Obviously, the need for inclusion is a very real issue. And the issue is not just a United States problem, it is a global problem. Civic space to protest, to be a journalist, and to love who you want is threatened in countries like Africa, the Middle East, and Russia. For a detailed list and map, please visit Civicus Monitor 2020 for much more. Sadly, these problems came to a big and very public platform in the states under the rule of Trump. From week one, Trump and his cronies did their level best to take away the liberties of others.

From his disgusting policies about immigration, to his roll back of the Obama era rights for LGBTQ+ peoples, Trump wrecked havoc upon many. Which is why it was legitimately a breath of fresh air when newly in power President Biden started making little changes that amount to BIG changes for others. One of his first changes was to The White House contact page, in which you are now allowed to chose your pronoun.

image via The White House

To some, this may not be a big deal. To another group, this could be called “pandering”. However, to those peoples who are so desperate to be given the space to be themselves, this is momentous. The rapid response manager for GLADD put out a press release which details this return to inclusion. CEO Sarah Kate Ellis stated, “Pronouns matter, and adding inclusive pronouns to a contact form is more than just a demonstration of allyship. Research has shown that recognition and respect of our pronouns can make all the difference for our health and wellbeing—especially when it comes to LGBTQ youth.”

image via Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

We at Trill! could not agree more. During these unprecedented times of COVID and the global pandemic, the health and wellbeing of all of us is so important. It is doubly important for those groups who usually suffer so unjustly. We want to know what you think about this — are you happy President Biden will actually make America great again or are you SUPER happy? Let us know in the comments below. And as always, from all of us Trill!: wash your hands, wearing your masks, and choose kindness always.

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