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PredictIt: The Website Where You Can Bet On Politics

2/1 on Trump to get impeached before 2021?

PredictIt is like a stock market for politics, where you can make money on just about anything.

PredictIt is a research project from Victoria University of Wellington that allows you to bet on the odds of anything. For example, you could bet on who you believe Biden will choose as his live presidential nomination. You purchase shares based on who you choose, and like the stock market, the goal is to buy low and sell high. You can even bet on who will win the presidential election, Biden or Trump, too. 

Image from PredictIt

PredictIt explains that, each share is priced between 1 and 99 cents and, “Corresponds to the market’s estimate of the probability of an event taking place.” They further explain to, “Buy ‘Yes’ shares when the price is too low, when you think your fellow traders are underestimating this likelihood. Buy ‘No’ shares when you think they are too optimistic.” This information and more can be found on PredictIt’s FAQ page. You can also find more information on buying and selling shares in the video linked below.

The cool thing about PredictIt is that you don’t necessarily have to wait to see how your bet plays out to make money. You can cash out your shares whenever you want and, hopefully, make money off of them. This is what 34-year-old Brian did in Connecticut. He decided to sell his shares in Elizabeth Warren as the VP nominee after the Black Lives Matter protests and chose Kamala Harris instead. Much like these various bets to make, you can even bank on how many times Trump will tweet.

If PredictIt looks like something you would be interested, go check it out for yourself! You never know how much money you could make! Be sure to also check out this $0 budget film that topped the U.S. Box Office!

Feature Image from PredictIt

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