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Why is French President Macron Visiting Israel to Show Support?

French President Macron’s visit to Israel underscores unwavering support and a commitment to peace amidst ongoing conflict.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France , during press conference. Source : Shutterstock/Gints Ivuskans.

French President Emmanuel Macron embarked on a crucial visit to Israel, demonstrating unwavering solidarity in the face of ongoing conflict. 

Macron is visiting Israel during a difficult time after a deadly attack by Hamas on October 7. The visit serves as a platform for addressing multiple pressing issues, from the preservation of civilian lives to broader political perspectives.

Preservation of civilian lives in Gaza

During his visit, Macron’s primary focus was the “preservation of the civilian population” in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. As Israel continues its relentless bombardment of Hamas targets, hospitals, schools and contemplates a ground offensive, the protection of innocent lives remains paramount. 

His call for this preservation underscores the international commitment to safeguarding non-combatants in the conflict zone.

Macron’s humanitarian mission and his objectives

Macron’s visit to Israel is deeply concerned with a heart-wrenching hostage situation. He met the families of French Nationals whom Hamas fighters had captured during the attack of October 7.

 Macron emphasized that the release of hostages is the top priority for him, underscoring the anguish caused by the tragic events. He described the attack as a “shock to humanity,” highlighting the brutality of the Hamas onslaught.

 A region engulfed in conflict and turmoil. Protecting innocent lives is essential. We need to stop the violence and keep non-combatant Palestinians safe during the conflict.

Macron criticized the illegal growth of Israeli settlements in the West Bank. He urged for an end to the colonization of Judea and Samaria. He is showing his dedication to solving the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict and finding a fair solution.

The French leader strongly supports restarting an actual peace process that would result in the formation of a Palestinian state. He demonstrates his commitment to peaceful methods and fair solutions for the challenging problems in the area. His goal is to achieve long-term peace.

Macron’s approach to this multifaceted mission is threefold:

  1. To demonstrate unwavering solidarity with Israel during these challenging times.
  2. To provide unambiguous commitments against terrorist groups, aligning with the global effort to combat terrorism.
  3. To establish a political viewpoint that can guide towards a lasting and peaceful solution to the current crisis.

International implications and wider security concerns

Macron’s visit to Israel holds significant international significance, as it underscores the importance of global support during times of crisis. 

He also met with the Israeli Prime Minister, Israeli President Herzog, and other officials. Israeli President Herzog warns that Hezbollah and Iran are risking dangerous consequences by escalating tensions in the region. This statement underscores the complexity and volatility of the broader security situation, with multiple regional players involved.

Reopening a political perspective

Macron’s visit is about more than immediate humanitarian concerns. It also aims to address the long-term political perspective of the region.

The French president stated two goals for the trip. The first goal is to fight against Hamas. The second goal is to find a way to resolve the crisis through political discussions.

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