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New Hampshire Pedophile Fugitive Skips Town To Sing Karaoke

Gotta scratch that itch at all costs.

Gotta scratch that itch at all costs.
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I personally am not a fan of karaoke, but many people in this fine world of ours enjoy the barroom pastime with great delight. Some people will go to great lengths to get on the stage and belt out some “Rocketman” or “Don’t Stop Believing.”

In the case of New Hampshire man, Ronald Duby Jr., he went as far as to risk being sent to prison in order to get his karaoke fix. What happened was that Duby was convicted for sexual assault on a person younger than the age of 13 back in ’95 and has since failed to register as a sex offender.

Instead of realizing that his trail was hot, he contacted a karaoke DJ he apparently thought he could trust, DJ Bernie Del Llano. Duby was incorrect in assuming this, as Del Llano prepared to call the police in the event that Duby would actually turn out at the Massachusetts venue he was disc jockeying for.

Duby was slapped with a charge of fugitive from justice, so the only song that this amateur, sing along cover artist will be singing now is “Jailhouse Blues.” I can’t help but wonder what the karaoke withdrawals will be like for him behind iron bars.

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