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Mississippi Tornado Likely to Continue to Cause Damage

The tornados that struck Mississippi and surrounding areas on Friday night are expected to keep causing significant damage.

Image: YouTube/Guardian News

More natural disasters are feared to strike Mississippi in the coming days and weeks. This follows a series of tornadoes that swept across Mississippi and Alabama on Friday. So far, they have killed at least 26 people. Search and rescue efforts continued into the early hours this morning.

Twenty-five people in Mississippi and one in Alamaba are known to have been killed.

Mississippi is in a state of national emergency following Friday night’s weather.

The tornado approached the village of Rolling Forks on Friday night and continued to wipe it out mostly. Meteorologists were shocked at the immense impact it had.

Homes, cars, and buildings in sight were demolished, leaving large piles of rubble. Amongst this glass, bricks, litter, and human remains line the streets.

Rolling Forks was one of the most affected areas in the US

US President Joe Biden released a statement yesterday expressing his prayers. “Jill and I are praying for those who have lost loved ones in the devastating tornadoes in Mississippi and those whose loved ones are missing.”

As well as the core focuses on a loss of human life, Biden acknowledged that many have lost their “businesses.” The complete economical impact of this tornado will be enormous.

In a final statement, Biden said:

“To those impacted by these devestating storms, and to the first responders and emergency personnel working to help their feellow Americans: we will do everything we can to help. We will be there as long as it takes. We will work together to deliver the support you need to recover.”

Joe Biden, Statement from President Joe Biden.

Mississipi’s state governor Tate Reeves has been traveling around some affected areas today. He has contacted Biden and the US government, offering full Federal support.

The Risks Following a Tornado

A tornado is a fast-paced rotating column of air. As a natural phenomenon, it makes contact with the earth and grows in magnitude, sweeping up anything in its path.

This video was captured at the beginning of Friday’s storm

Tornados occur when warm air mixes with cold air. In simple terms, the cold air interacts and pushes against the hotter air creating storms.

Due to the hot air needed to create a tornado, they are most common in the spring and summer.

The aftermath of a tornado is devastating. As well as the initial damage, many risks come in the initial days and weeks following the storm:

  • Risk of flooding. Tornados often come with lots of rain, having stemmed from thunderstorms.
  • Risk of Hail. Hail is a considerable risk depending on the air temperature following a tornado. Mixed with the rain and debris, this can continue to cause damage.
  • Loss of Electricity. Due to power lines being down or entirely destroyed, electricity is often out across large areas. Power lines also pose a danger, they could be structurally damaged and fall.
  • Risk of Gas leaks. Due to debris and damage, gas may be leaking.

The National Weather Service has put in place a “severe weather warning” in Mississippi this evening as the risk of storms becomes prevalent.

A screenshot of the weather warning for the 26th of March.

With the damage already rampant from Friday’s weather, any further storms (even if they are technically smaller in magnitude) would only enhance the devastation already caused.

Tornados are one of the most deadly natural disasters to occur.

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