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‘Making A Murderer’: New Suspect Could Throw Steven Avery Case Wide Open

Will this finally be the break Avery needs to be set free?

Credit: Netflix/YouTube

Here we go again. Steven Avery is back in the headlines fighting another appeal for his freedom. Gaining national attention thanks to Netflix, Making A Murderer, is still one of the craziest stories you will hear and still talk about. Something just haunts and nags at you…this is one of those cases. However, maybe these new witnesses do lead to the overturning of Avery’s case and he can finally be free once again.

Steven Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey have been charged with murdering Teresa Halbach. With shaky evidence and the DA and sheriff’s offices both letting their hatred for Steven cloud themselves from the facts, Avery and Dassey have been serving life sentences for something they really did not do. These new witnesses and possible suspects are not identified, leading us to believe it is not someone that was talked about in either season of the show. Anything is possible though. However this plays out, hopefully, another season of the show will be on its way!

How Are They Both Still In Prison?

Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, released this statement about the case:

Two new witnesses in Mr. Avery’s case with new and compelling evidence about a murder mystery that has intrigued a worldwide audience. The rush to judgment and tunnel vision that led to the arrest, prosecution, and conviction of Mr. Avery is exposed by these new witnesses who provide new and undisputed evidence that directly links (the alternate suspect) to the murder of Teresa Halbach and the framing of Mr. Avery. Furthermore, this new evidence allows for a reconsideration of the real motive of this crime, as being a sexual homicide, which the culmination of an obsession by (the alternate) suspect with viewing thousands of image of violent, deviant pornography.

Kathleen Zellner

The end of her statement makes this writer think that they have found strong, credible evidence to go after Dassey’s brother, Bobby. If you remember from the second season of the show, Bobby Dassey’s computer was searched and found disturbing images of pornography and killing animals, and worse. It is possible that Zellner and her team found proof that Bobby did do this and frame his uncle and brother or it could be someone else entirely. Either way, this is all very intriguing! Hopefully, Netflix is working on season 3!!

A filmmaker weighs in on the series and gives his insights into why this series captivates the audience so much.

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