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Jordan roasts Democrats attacking Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during the hearing: The party has turned against its ‘most famous name’

Jordan’s fiery defense of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. during the hearing as Democrats attack: The party’s surprising shift against its ‘most famous name’.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Image Source: Robert F Kennedy Jr. and sign language interpreter at the Arizona March for Medical Freedom at the State Capitol building. Rally to protect medical rights. (@ In The Light Photography)

The media’s got itself in a tizzy over Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential run and how it might affect the Kennedy family name. The Boston Globe wonders if his run will tarnish the image of the legendary American royal family, Camelot. Politico even dubs him the “black sheep” of the clan, while others call him a “KINO,” a Kennedy in name only. And, let’s be honest, his views on certain topics are nothing short of controversial—some might even say downright nuts!

Take, for example, his recent remarks caught on tape, claiming that COVID-19 targets Caucasians and Black people while sparing Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese. He’s also expressed some wild beliefs linking mass shootings to prescription drugs and alleging that the 2004 presidential election was stolen using hacked voting machines in Ohio. Vaccines? Yeah, he’s not exactly a fan, to put it mildly, and believes they can lead to autism.

So, you could say his views are raising a few eyebrows. And as for the harm to the Kennedy legacy, well, it’s not as straightforward as some die-hard Kennedy fans may claim.

John F. Kennedy, for all his accomplishments in averting nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis, wasn’t exactly a saint. He had numerous sexual affairs, and the media at the time didn’t seem too interested in delving into that aspect of his life.

His entanglement with Marilyn Monroe, the iconic Hollywood star, was just the tip of the iceberg. He was also involved with Judith Campbell, who had connections to the mafia. It was a high-stakes game he was playing, and it was dangerous for the president to be caught up in such affairs.

But let’s not forget Bobby Kennedy, John’s brother, who had his own rendezvous with Marilyn Monroe. Some even speculate that he was at her house on the day she passed away. Despite Bobby’s reputation as a politician with genuine morals, reports suggest he had affairs with other Hollywood stars as well.

And who can forget Ted Kennedy, the so-called liberal “lion of the Senate”? His infamous car accident in 1969 left his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne, to die. Yet, he received a slap on the wrist and went on to serve in the Senate for another four decades.

So, before we start shedding tears over how RFK Jr. might be smudging the pristine walls of Camelot, let’s face the truth. Camelot was a carefully crafted image, designed to make JFK look like a shining knight, even though he had his share of flaws. The media played its part in perpetuating that image while conveniently ignoring certain aspects of the family’s history.

Let’s not forget the real legacy of the Kennedys, buried behind the iconic figure that JFK has become after his tragic death. The truth often takes a backseat to the romanticized version of history that we’ve come to accept. So, while RFK Jr.’s views may be controversial, let’s remember that the family’s legacy has never been as pristine as some would like to believe.

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