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Instagram Model/Cartel Boss Dead After Shoot-Out with Mexican Police

Have we lost a true innovator?

In a shoot-out with the Mexican police and army, the world’s first-ever Instagram model/cartel boss has died.

Her name was María Guadalupe López Esquivel.  First an Instagram model, Esquivel became the boss of a Mexican cartel over a three year period of time.  She went by ‘La Catrina’, ‘Dame of Death’.  Often, Esquivel posted photos of herself with various weaponry on her Instagram, alongside typical fit pics and close-ups of her face.  Additionally, she recorded slice-of-life goings-on of the cartel she involved herself with.

Esquivel’s Instagram account has now been taken down. (Image via Instagram)

Esquivel’s relationship with ‘The New Generation Cartel’ began three years ago. She started dating a narco named Miguel Fernandez–a.k.a. “M2” and moved in with him in 2017.  She become what authorities suspect as a local boss under “El Mench”.  Esquivel was a regional lieutenant associated with the Tierra Caliente region of Mexico.

After sustaining a bullet injury on January 10th, Esquivel died before a helicopter could take her to the hospital.  Esquivel was 21 years old. According to The National Post, the shoot-out involved “state troops, state police and the National Guard”.  Allegedly, her cartel “launched a fire fight against the police”Accounts vary on how the shootout actually began.  However, body-cam footage of the raid exists; it includes imagery of Esquivel’s fatal injury.  She took a bullet to the neck.

Esquivel modelling with a gun (Image via Twitter)

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