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The Iconic Moment Charlottesville Nazi Gets Punched In The Face

Brutally satisfying.

Brutally satisfying.

The recent Charlottesville rally has taken many of us by surprise. The rally was a horrific display of violence and racism that seemingly just proves how history continues to repeat itself. 

The rally took place in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend. The supremacists didn’t make any attempt to cover their faces, confident enough with their privilege that they would still have jobs the following Monday.

With the nazis flaring their lit torches, the scene is an uncanny resemblance of a KKK ritual. For those of us who are not psychopaths, this rally is totally shocking and harrowing. Any sense of karma is a sense of hope. Any reminder that this is not reflective of the majority of society, and that these people will not win.

See the guy giving his nazi solute, but the guy behind him is having none of it. In perfect timing, he takes a punch at the guy’s face- giving him the total humiliation he deserves.

Karma has been delivered in some form which is a small bonus. Nonetheless, it is saddening to think that such an event has even taken place. It’s difficult to imagine what the real incentive is of the far-right, protesting against equality, against diversity, against the foundations of their own culture. Why they feel the need to problematise groups of people that do not affect their life in any negative way. To alienate marginalised groups, and to further create a racial divide in America.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s reaction has been far from constructive. According to NBC News, Trump argues that ‘two sides’ are to blame for Charlottesville.

Rather than condemning the disgusting behaviour of the far-right or ‘alt-right’ as he states, Trump is quick to condemn the ‘alt-left’. As long as this continues, it’s likely that white supremacists will continue to act as they have been. We just have to stay strong and be sure that even if Trump tolerates such behaviour, the rest of the world absolutely will not. There are definitely a few more punches to be delivered.

For more, read HERE about how the Twitter accounts of Nazis at the rally have been EXPOSED!

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