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Grindr Users Mastermind The Latest Prank Against UK Politician Nigel Farage

This is the mother of all pranks.

This is the mother of all pranks.
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It’s great to be living in one of the world’s superpower countries, but it sucks to be the most hated man there. And when you’re hated, especially if you’re in charge, you can or will be the subject of pranks and deeply-thought-out shenanigans.

Nigel Farage is the classic fit and perfect target for some hilarious–and maybe well-deserved–prankage. In case you’re not keeping up with the going-on’s of Britain, Farage is a politician and political analyst. He has also served as the leader of the UK Independence Party for two terms. And he’s not exactly the country’s favorite. Not by a long shot.

So there’s this app called Grindr where gay men can meet, chat, and hook up. Someone very brilliant came up with a glorious plan for some couples who’ve hooked up on Grindr to have very loud sex in the office next door to Farage’s office in Brussels. Many Grindr users have picked up on the location of the office through the username 7F366. What’s even better is that the mastermind behind this recent scheme neither owns nor works in the office that will be used. It’s sole purpose will be to host those brave pranksters who are expressing their independence by annoying the hell out of Farage.

It’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with an even bigger scheme. Until then, check out these Psychedelic Mushrooms That Have Been Dubbed the Safest Recreational Drug!

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