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Elon Musk’s Embarrassing Reveal Plummets Him $768 Million

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla, releases their new Cybertruck, but things didn’t go as planned….


Bullet-proof… Sledgehammer-proof… Metal ball pr- Nope. Tesla’s new Cybertruck seemed just about indestructible until Franz von Holzhausen shattered the window at the unveiling last Thursday. 

It’s something people have been waiting for since 2013, when Elon Musk, owner of Tesla Motors, told Business Insider about the idea of creating a Tesla pick up truck. Tesla, Inc. specializes in electric car manufacturing. About six years later, they were ready to unveil to the world their first electric pick up truck.  

On November 21st, Musk was ready to leak the Cybertruck to the public. 


At the unveiling, chief designer Franz von Holzhausen was ready to show the audience how indestructible this new truck really is. To demonstrate the strength of the stainless steel doors, he strikes the door with a sledgehammer. As expected, the door was intact. Next, he threw a metal ball at the window to demonstrate its armored glass. That’s when the unexpected happened. 

e.g Video from Bloomberg Technology / YouTube

“Oh my f**king God”, said Musk after seeing the window had cracked. Forbes tells us that following this trucks debut, Tesla’s shares fell about six percent. Due to this mortifying event, Elon Musk’s net worth had plummeted by $768 million…overnight. Not to worry though, he’s still worth $23.6 billion. Looks like he won’t have to switch over to microwavable dinners just yet. 

“You Want a Truck Thats Really Tough, Not Fake Tough” -Musk

Ironic, isn’t it? Just because he’s still a billionaire doesn’t excuse what happened. Obviously, $768 million is a vast amount of money for the CEO of a very well-known company to lose, especially in just one night. What’s worse is that he lost it while trying to launch a new vehicle that should have been a huge excitement for everyone involved. Instead, it’s become a target for meme lovers all over the world. 

e.g Tweet from TeslaOwnersNEUS / Twitter

Elon Musk announced that the Cybertruck is Tesla’s last unveil for quite a while, but there will still be other technology announcements released sometime next year. Better luck next time, Elon. 

Want to know more about Tesla’s new electric truck? Click Here!

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