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Customers Trapped in IKEA During Snowstorm

Six customers and 24 customers found themselves trapped together in the Aalborg, Denmark branch of IKEA.

Credit: Kgbo/Wikimedia

A famous Swedish furniture chain, IKEA has reached nearly every corner of the globe touting its affordable and durable furniture options. Aside from the affordability of its furniture, Ikea is also known for its cafeteria that offers common Swedish dishes (meatballs included!).

What IKEA is less known for, perhaps, is hosting customers for a sleepover. Even more, an unplanned slumber party. 

In fact, that is exactly what happened at an IKEA location in Denmark on Wednesday 1 December. Dangerous weather conditions and powerful snowstorms forced customers and workers to take shelter in their very own IKEA store.

Six customers and 24 customers found themselves trapped together in the Aalborg, Denmark branch of IKEA. Not even a novel could have fantasized such events as a snowstorm brought traffic to a standstill and brought customers and employees unexpectedly together.

Passing the evening together watching a soccer game, the employees and customers huddled together in the cafeteria. When it came time to sleep, however, the group chose to separate over concerns about the coronavirus and the recent spread of the new omicron variant.

As such, the employees partitioned themselves in the showrooms and the employees slumbered in the living room section.

Store manager Peter Elmose explained that the kitchen staff made sure that everyone had hot chocolate, risalamande (a Danish rice pudding), pastries, soft drinks, coffee, and beer. 

Elmose, who has worked with IKEA for sixteen years, claimed he had never dealt with anything such as this situation in his whole time there.

“Couples had to spend the night in Ikea. There was a completely free choice between all the beds,” reads the tweet above from TV2 Nord. In an IKEA store with its unending be options, there were plenty of places to sleep–luckily for those sequestered inside, away from the storm.

Perhaps this way, some of these couples were able to find their dream bed?

Regardless, IKEA seemingly didn’t disappoint its customers or its employees who all ended their stay well-fed and rested. 

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