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Colorado is Getting a Wall, But Not on the Mexican Border

Trump isn’t a Geography Expert, what a surprise!

Colorado is getting a wall, like these ralliers wanted

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A lot of people voted for Trump for a reason. Mostly it was because of his promises to build a wall that would decrease the number of immigrants making their way into the US. Well, he’s finally announced some plans for that…

Trump is coming to the end of his first term as President, thus a good time to start showing plans of this supposed “wall”. Trump and his team are undoubtedly trying to keep voters interested so they might vote him back in. However, that might not have gone as well as he might have hoped.

At a rally and at a conference, Trump announced the building of a wall… in Colorado. Now if you’re not familiar with American geography, all you need to know is that Colorado is not a state that boarders Mexico.

One journalist while viewing the announcement stated:

“It’s [Colorado] on the border with New Mexico! Maybe New Mexico is going to pay for the wall.”

Of course, this is in reference to Trump’s outrageous claims that Mexico will pay to build the wall he promised.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t trust a political team that didn’t notice that building a wall in Colorado achieves, absolutely zero. Of course, it’s nice to believe this was done on purpose to show the incompetence of the President. Although I’m not so sure on that. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is just Trump’s campaigns way of peaking interest ahead of the election next year.

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