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British Company “Bio-Bean” Brings First Coffee-Powered Busses To London

Starting today!

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Finland may have to give up its position as one of the most eco-friendly countries in Europe, thanks to a quick-growing UK company known as Bio-Bean.

It seems like there’s a new bio-fuel coming out every day. We have fuels made partially from corn, algae, wood, alcohol, assorted garbage, and more. We’re still primarily a gas-powered world, but it’s still nice to know there are alternative options. And this company asked itself a very important question: if people can run on coffee, why can’t vehicles?

That’s right London: you’re the first city to try out Bio-Bean’s line of coffee-powered busses! Though these busses aren’t running purely on coffee — they’re not college students. No, this kind of break through will take years to develop, but as of right now, the fuel these busses run on is composed of 80% diesel and 20% extractions from discarded coffee grounds.

Bio-Bean was founded in 2013, and quickly established themselves as experts in finding new uses for discarded coffee grounds. Bio-Bean’s founder Arthur Kay (not to be confused with the famous international Bible teacher Kay Arthur) had this to say about his company’s latest achievement:

“It’s a great example of what can be done when we start to reimagine waste as an untapped resource.”

Are you listening, environmentalists? This is the way to do it. If you want businesses to take you seriously then you need to appeal to their frugal nature. Relabel trash as “an untapped resource” and see if those offers don’t start flooding in. This isn’t even England’s first line of bio-fuel busses. London has had busses that run partially on vegetable oil and other non-conventional fuels for years. These, however, are the first to make use of old coffee grounds. Now we have yet another way to turn out used materials into something useful rather than letting them decompose in a mountain of trash.

These busses are said to reduce carbon emissions by 10 – 15%. If we put more funding into this then maybe we can have busses running fully on coffee before we’re up to our necks in melted glacier.

England is doing their part to make Earth a cleaner place to live (or maybe they just have an abundance of coffee grounds and are desperate to get rid of them). Here’s how other countries are making efforts to clean up the environment without sacrificing efficiency.

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