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Aunt Threatens Nephew With Court Over Their $1.2 Million Lottery Winnings

The lesson is to play solo.

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They say never mix business with family, and this aunt-and-nephew duo here is a prime example of why.

Apparently, Barb Reddick and her nephew Tyrone Maclnnis bought a ticket for a game called Chase the Ace. Reddick claims that she was the one who bought the ticket and only put her nephew’s name on it for good luck. She even said that he was ‘like a son’ to her, but not anymore.

It’s even more awful when you hear her say it:

I guess true colors come out when a million dollars is at stake. Well, the point is, they’re both $611,319.50 richer (yes, I did the math) so maybe the next thing they should spend their money on is a little bit of gratitude.

For more crazy relatives, here’s Larry David Revealing He’s a Third Cousin of Bernie Sanders!

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