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American Airlines Flight Forced To Make Emergency Landing Due To Deranged Passenger

In response, the male passenger decides to light up a joint.

Source: Pixabay

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing last Friday (September 20th) due to a “security issue in the back.” This “security issue” was a male passenger whose behavior really rattled the other passengers.

Supposedly, the man in question was telling everyone around him that he was on cocaine and eventually ran to the back bathroom on the plane and locked himself inside. Passengers claim that the flight attendants were extremely concerned with the situation and huddled around the locked bathroom, trying to coax the man out in vain.

The man eventually returned to his seat 10 minutes later, but seemed jittery. When the plane finally landed, police and EMTs came onboard.

From there, the video starts:
Source: TMZ via YouTube

In the video, the man is clearly pissed off and uncooperative. Passengers are forced to deplane due to the tenseness and unpredictability of the situation. As another male passenger in a blue shirt leaves the plan, he says something to the Mr. Dreadlocks who responds by talking a swipe at the man (that looked like it missed) and flipping the bird.

Police eventually get the deranged man off the plane, then put him in handcuffs and on a gurney. You can hear the man complaining about the handcuffs as he yells, “Take it off, it hurts. I’ll f***ing kill you!”

Two hours after the incident, the plane was back in the air and en route to his original destination.

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