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A Guy Gets A Bottle Stuck Up His Bottom While Trying to Scratch An Itch

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all…

notdelnova. Bottle Wine Alcohol. July 23, 2019. Retrieved via Pixabay

Some stories are funny, some are sad, some make us think, and some just make us feel a lot smarter and better about ourselves. This is one of those stories where you will feel better about yourself after reading it. Or if you just need a pick-me-up this afternoon.

A man from China did the unthinkable: scratch an itch on his butt, and a bottle got stuck all the way up! The man is an “unknown 60-year-old man who stumbled into the emergency room with a massive cologne bottle” stuck up his backside. I can agree that at least he went to the hospital because he was feeling awful and didn’t try to get the bottle out himself. But how it went all the way up and how he didn’t know that happened is beyond me. To make matters more uncomfortable, the surgeon “decided to take photographs and tell the public all about it, encouraging people not to do the same”. I guess that wouldn’t be common knowledge already. Apparently not.

The Surgeon’s Account Of Events

The patient told me: “My abdomen hurts. There’s something inside. I can’t poo or fart”.

The entire glass bottle was inside his rectum. I could feel the bottle under his abdomen. He said his anus was itching.

He said: “I was very uncomfortable, so I bought a bottle of Florida Water and began scratching the itch.

Then the bottle accidentally went up my rectum”.

Ri_Ya. Surgery Tromsurgery Gauze. November 3, 2019. Retrieved via

The cologne bottle that was inside this man was Florida Water. I don’t know how popular that cologne is, but I’m pretty sure their business will turn downward once this story gets out. If nothing else, the ER staff had quite a story to tell when they got home that night. Everyone, please, if you have an itch, scratch it, but make sure BOTH your hands are free, just in case.

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