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A 9/11 Themed Bar Has Gone Viral in Texas

A 9/11 themed bar is going viral for all the wrong reasons.

Credit: @jessebtyler / Twitter

I think there may be a reason for this sudden surge in viral acclaim and that could be the whole what the hell were you thinking factor of it all.

Courtesy of Twitter user Jesse Tyler. these photos convey the now infamous ‘bar9eleven’, a bar which came to fruition in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks. Owner Brent Johnson opened a Tex Mex resturant on the 11th of September 2001, the same day the World Trade Center was attacked.

Credit: @jessebtyler / Twitter

In 2013 Mr Johnson decided to remodel his bar adjacent to the restaurant to commemorate the tragedy which befell New York in 2001. This decision was to ensure that patrons would “never forget”. Bar owner Brent defends his business move although the plaques indicate that perhaps Mr Johnson is preoccupied with depicting himself as the main character during the attacks.

Themed bars seem to be on-trend but perhaps terrorism is not the most acceptable theme for a space dedicated to drinking alcohol. But Brent Johnson decided otherwise and opened up this very questionable establishment in Fortworth, Texas.

As Jesse commented further:

Credit: @jessebtyler / Twitter

There seems to be some misplaced intent here and the captilisation of one of the most prolific acts of terrorism against America may not be the most tasteful themes for a bar.

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