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Trill! Mag’s 2020 Christmas Gift Guide: What to Buy

It’s that time of the year to buy gifts for the people we love. To help you out, we’ve made a list with 10 quirky gift ideas.

10 Quirky Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year to buy gifts for the people we love. To help you out, we’ve made a list with 10 quirky gift ideas.

1. Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Credit: Some Funguys

No, it’s perhaps not the shrooms that came to your mind but you can buy your own growing kit to produce fresh gourmet King oyster mushrooms. Many people were looking for new hobbies during lockdown and some started growing their own food. SomeFunguys who sells the kits is a new company, so you’ll be assured this gift is as original as it can get. Instructions on how to grow the mushrooms can be found on the site and the kit is sold for £19.00.

2. Host Your Own Escape Room Game

In many ways, 2020 hasn’t been very adventurous as we’ve all been stuck at home. An escape room is a perfect adventure to get out of your own head and escape reality for a while! And since you can’t go to one in your local area, why not host one yourself at home with this interactive game? It comes at £35.00 and will be delivered within 3 to 5 days. Plenty of time to put under the tree! 

3. GPO Retro Portable Cassette Player

Credit: Cuckooland

Do you have one of those friends who collects old cassettes and who is obsessed with the 80s? This gift will allow them to play them or listen to the radio. It comes with a built-in microphone, record button, built-in speakers and headphones and can be bought here for £29.95.

4. Lazy Rabbit Cupcake Plate

Cupcakes make people happy. Presenting them on a rabbit plate will bring on an even bigger smile, which is exactly what we need in these strange times. If one of your family members or friends took up baking during lockdown, this is the perfect gift for just £12.00. 

5. Little Prick Plant Pot

Not sure what to give your plant-loving friend? How about a funny planter for a cactus or succulent. For £11.50 you can choose between a pot that says “Little prick” or “Succ yeah!”

6. Snoop Dogg Cook Book

Credit: Firebox

If you are looking for a cookbook that has more than just recipes, this is the one you’re after. Snoop Dogg shares 50 different recipes accompanied by epic stories and behind the scenes photos for £17.99. You can buy this online or in one of your local stores. 

7. Natural Beeswax Candles

Credit: Little Lies

There will always be someone for which you haven’t got a clue what to buy. Luckily, everyone loves candles and chances are, you haven’t yet had one made out of beeswax. It won’t only smell nice, it looks aesthetically pleasing and is perfect to lower your stress. It can be bought online here for £9.00.

8. Boris Fake News Game

Politics don’t usually bring smiles to our faces but this game might be the game-changer. There 56 statement cards and when you play the game you might find that truth is stranger than fiction. For £9.99 here.

9. Build Your Own Chronograph Timer

Credit: Prezzibox

Do you have a friend who doesn’t know what to do with their time? A build your own timer kit may just be what they need! The timer does not require glue and can be powered using rubber bands. The result looks great and it’s sure to be an original gift. It can be bought here for £29.99.

10. String Bottle Lights

Lights are an absolute must to get through winter so having cute bottles with different coloured lights may be just what your friend needs. You can buy the lights for £12.99 and all you have to do it put them in a used bottle.

If you’re shopping on a budget have a look here.

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