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Monopoly – Elf Edition Now Available for the Holiday Season

Buddy the Elf is back in business baby!

Image from USAopoly

“Son of a Nutcracker!” had to be everyone’s first reaction when they saw what awaits them this holiday season!

Based on the 2003 film, Elf, starring Will Farrell, USAopoly promised a “trip down memory lane” when it comes to their new festively flourished version of the original classic board game, Monopoly.

Image from Giphy
Image from USAopoly

Pop Culture icon, Buddy the Elf, once again journeys through the “seven levels of the candy cane forest, through the sea of swirly-twirly gum drops, and then through the Lincoln Tunnel” says the listing on Amazon.

The game includes the brand new tokens:

  • Santa’s Sleigh
  • Polar Bear Cub
  • Jack-in-the-Box
  • Mailroom Coffee Mug
  • Santa’s Bag, Maple Syrup
Image from USAopoly

Instead of houses, they have renamed them Apartments, Hotels were renamed Skyscrapers, Community Chest Cards renamed Christmas Cheer, and Chance Cards renamed Christmas Spirit.

Image from USAopoly

USAopoly’s game instructions explain that gamers use the original Monopoly game rules along with ‘Special Rules’ for this edition:

“Grab a token and your elf shoes, and travel around the board spreading Christmas cheer – and don’t forget to sing loud for all to hear! Set forth on your quest to own it all, but first, you will need to know the basic game rules along with custom Monopoly: Elf rules”

USAopoly Game Instructions

If you decide to make this hilarious holiday purchase, Elf Edition Monopoly is available on USAopoly’s website for $39.99 and on Amazon for $69.22

Learn more about new Christmas themed miracles with Netflix’s plan for holiday movies.

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