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IKEA Will Now Buy Back Your Old Furniture For Half The Original Price

Sell back that old futon and buy a new one!

Featured Image: Gerald England / Ikea Manchester / CC BY-SA 2.0

Just when you thought it had broken a glass ceiling with its vegan meatballs, the Swedish superstore IKEA has found a new way to give back. Now you can sell your used IKEA furniture to the company, who will pass the savings and the secondhand goods on to its customers. In return, you’ll receive vouchers to use on new IKEA furniture. That’s right, you can sell, shop, AND get into a massive argument with your significant other in the dishware section. It’s the IKEA way.

The new move establishes IKEA as a company concerned with sustainability and the environment. Its “Buy Back” initiative is part of a plan to become a “fully circular and climate positive” business. Hege Sæbjørnsen, sustainability manager at IKEA UK & Ireland, elaborates: “Currently, 45% of total global carbon emissions come from the way the world produces and uses everyday products, so Buy Back represents an opportunity to address unsustainable consumption and its impact on climate change.”

So, IKEA is encouraging less consumption and more recycling? This may be their coolest news since the IKEA monkey. 

Who remembers the IKEA monkey?
(He’s now safe at a wildlife sanctuary now, for anyone concerned)
Credit: CNN via YouTube, Courtesy Stephanie Yim

For now, the buy-back policy is being tested in the UK and Ireland only, and it begins November 27. For those of you on the other side of the pond, hang on to that metal-framed futon from 2005. You know, the one where you spent many a night drunk-eating fast food before passing out into your IKEA comforter? You’ll be able to cash in on it for as much to 50% of its original value if IKEA brings the policy to the USA. (Please do not resell the comforter).

Here’s how to initiate a resale: Go to Ikea’s website and fill out an online offer request. Then bring the fully assembled product along with that offer request to a storefront for inspection. If Ikea deems the product “as new,” meaning it has no scratches, you get a voucher for 50% of its original price. “ “Very good,” with few scratches will garner you a 40% voucher, and “well-used” will earn you 30% percent. 

Visit to start the buy back process

The vouchers you receive for your resold items never expire, and all that secondhand furniture can be found in IKEA’s “As-Is” section. Not too shabby a deal. 

So grab those old picture frames, that boxy white coffee table you desperately need to upgrade, and that generic poster of Audrey Hepburn that you (should) feel ashamed of buying, and haul them down to IKEA. Wearing this, of course. 

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