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3 Must-Have Spring Break Items for 2023

Traveling made easy with organizers, cute bags and safety hacks!

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As spring break approaches for American college students, the stress weighs heavy. Apart from midterms, deadlines for projects, and studying, figuring out trips and planning around work and friends’ schedules is tough. Traveling is taxing enough, but there are plenty of tips and accessories to make your plans easy and affordable.

Whether you are heading to the sunshine state, or skiing in Colorado, the clothes you pack are important. They also take up a lot of space, and paying for items of luggage and carry-ons can put a dent in your bank account (as well as the flight itself!) Packing cubes can be super helpful because it allows you to keep track of what you are packing and keep it neat.

Packing cubes can help categorize apparel and accessories, while creating extra space since it can condense jackets or thick pants. Rosamar/Shutterstock.

1. Travel Necessities

You can find great and affordable packing cubes on Amazon, At Bloomingdale’s and Kohl’s. Plus, you will have these for future trips! They super helpful because you can put categories together. Each cube condenses apparel and zips up, making packing so easy.

Another travel necessity is an accessory or makeup bag. Check out some bags on Amazon that are affordable and can hold a plethora of things. Walmart and TJ Max also have cute bags. It is known that a horizontal and flat bag works best. This way you can put it right on top of your packing cubes.

Toiletries and makeup fit perfectly in horizontal and flat bags. Kris Black/Shutterstock.

Spring break should be full of relaxation and stress-free. Yet, it is not an excuse to ween off of staying healthy and safe. If you travel with medicine, vitamins, or a full-on skincare routine, it is best to keep this stuff safe and easy to manage while on the go. It is also important to keep your skin hydrated, especially in the sun.

Travel-size sunscreen, moisturizer, and lotion are important to keep your skin healthy. Another way to save money instead of buying new things is to buy travel bottles and fill them with your normal-sized necessities!

Refillable bottles allows for minimal waste for both the earth and your wallet! Olga Chapov/Shutterstock.

2. Safety Hacks

While traveling with family or friends, it is important to stay safe and always know where you are. Keeping you and others safe, as well as your belongings can be hard when there is so much going on around you. A way to keep your stuff safe in your Airbnb or hotel room is an additional lock. This lock off of Amazon locks from the inside, giving more security than just the average door lock.

This lock allows you to feel at ease while out being adventurous! Amazon.

Another great investment for spring break is a fanny pack or neck wallet. While it can be a cute accessory, something like this where it is close to your body and in your peripheral view keeps things guarded. No one can pickpocket you because it is basically right in front of you at all times! There are a number of designs; some have card holders, and others can hold your phone, wallets, and even water bottles.

A simple fanny pack from Amazon can really elevate an outfit while simultaneously keeping everything you need secure.

3. Bonus Travel Bags

No matter if you are a light traveler or you bring your whole wardrobe, it is important to have enough baggage to make sure everything you arrive with gets back home with you! We already talked about makeup bags, but there are so many other types that are affordable but also have multiple uses. Big into hair? there are travel bags that can fit your curling iron, hairspray, and haircare routine with only two to three pockets!

Tiktoker @stazzlicious gives a mini tour of her travel bags; very monochromatic!

Or, do you care more about your accessories and jewelry? To avoid sitting at a table detangling your necklaces and earrings, get a small jewelry box that zips up and can fit right into a purse or carry-on for a flight. You will not regret it!

Spring Breaking The Right Way

The most important thing for your spring break is to have fun and relax. With school, work and other responsibilities, this is a time for Gen Z to take a break and slow down. Of course, the fun should not be a problem, and now with all these great and helpful travel necessities, spring break 2023 will be stress-free; Enjoy!

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