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Man Builds Himself A Bear Proof Log Cabin With His Bare Hands

Fancy building your own bear proof log cabin? Find out how to here!

Credit: My Self Reliance/YouTube

Ever thought about how hard it would be to build your own home from scratch even with the use of power tools? 

Well now imagine creating your own log cabin in the wilderness with just your own two hands and not a single electrical item in site.

Shawn James from Canada has done just this and the end product is beautiful, a display of what hard work and determination (plus a few muscles) can achieve.

The outdoorsman has single-handedly designed and built a bear-proof log cabin with only his bare hands (or should we say bear hands) and hand tools such as an ax, saw, and log scribe.

The cabin is made from Balsam Fir trees and cedar fence posts and measures 10 feet x 20 feet inside.

It really is so impressive and to see exactly how Shawn achieved this impressive build make sure to watch the video below!

Check out what this guy discovered he could build from IKEA! 

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