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‘Improvise, Adapt, Overcome’ Mindset: Thriving in Change

Improvise, adapt, overcome challenges with resilience. Explore how this mantra empowers success in various situations.

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Clare Talbot Jones has adapted her business in 2020 to ensure survival and growth Talbot Jones Ltd. Gunny Highway’s mantra “Improvise, adapt, and overcome” resonates with her approach. 

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges for small businesses, Clare exemplifies the importance of adjusting strategies and exploring new avenues for success. She has embraced remote work, explored export opportunities, and leveraged digital tools to connect with customers.

Resilience and Adaptation: Key to Small Business Survival

Small Business Britain’s Resilience research with TSB highlights the significance of improvisation and adaptation for small businesses. With initial plans rendered obsolete by the rapidly changing landscape, the ability to pivot and develop new strategies on the go has become vital. The ability to embrace change in both action and mindset is crucial for navigating the uncertainties of 2020 and beyond.

Finding Hope Amidst Hardships

Leanne Farmer, founder of A Wee Pedal, an Edinburgh-based bicycle business, has demonstrated resilience and optimism in the face of challenges. Despite the devastating impact on sectors like hospitality and travel, Leanne’s business has thrived. Award wins and a steadfast belief in her mission have driven her forward. Her advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to persevere, seek alternative routes, maintain an open mind, and leverage social media for promotion.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit of Innovation

The essence of entrepreneurship lies in creative problem-solving. Small businesses are the backbone of innovation in the UK, continually finding novel solutions. While the journey can be demanding, witnessing the progress of businesses like Clare’s and Leanne’s is inspiring. As the future of post-pandemic business takes shape, adaptability and innovation will remain pivotal.

Supporting Small Business Adaptation

Adapting and improvising are essential, but entrepreneurs don’t have to go it alone. Various forms of support are available, extending beyond government financial aid. Initiatives like The Tour 2020 offer personalized mentoring, Google Garage and BT Skills for Tomorrow provide digital skills training, and communities like Enterprise Nation offer collaborative environments. Small businesses have access to a network that encourages adaptation without isolation.


In a year marked by unprecedented challenges, Clare Talbot Jones and Leanne Farmer’s stories epitomize resilience and adaptability in small businesses. Guided by the mantra “improvise, adapt, and overcome,” they showcase the vital role of flexibility in surmounting adversity amid the rapidly shifting landscape of 2020. These businesses not only innovate but also symbolize hope, embracing change and novel solutions to embody the entrepreneurial spirit. 

Importantly, entrepreneurs can find solace in the multitude of available support systems, from mentoring to digital skills training and collaborative communities. Their experiences highlight adaptability, innovation, and collaboration as essential success factors, inspiring a collective determination to overcome uncertainties and thrive. With the right mindset and support, small businesses can confidently navigate an ever-changing world.*

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