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Ethan Suplee Changes Up Hollywood Image by Jacking Up

Ethan Suplee went from the funny chubby guy to the muscular tough guy!

I have vivid memories of sitting next to my mom on the couch as she watched My Name is Earl. I didn’t get much of it, but I loving Earl’s plump and pleasant sidekick, Randy. It seems that Randy is crossing weight loss off his own list, because Ethan Suplee is now one muscly guy. 

Ethan Suplee is known for his role as the “big guy” in TV shows and movies. You may know him from The Wolf of Wall Street or American History X and Remember the Titans. 

Image from Amelia Ward | Ladbible

He lost weight a while ago, if you remember, where he went from the big guy to the twig. However, this hurt his acting career and almost cost Suplee a role. He fell out of his type cast, which seemed to make Hollywood turn the other cheek on the actor. 

So, Suplee decided to become the big guy again. 

Suplee took the “big guy” type cast in a completely different direction. He is now jacked. He went from the lovable, chubby, dumb sidekick to the badass body-builder. 

Maybe his type cast will change to the scary henchman? Maybe the loveable brute? Who knows! 

It’s good that Ethan Suplee got into such good shape. 

Want to figure out how to get your own muscles like Ethan Suplee? Check out the article down below!  

Why Muscles Really Get Sore During Your Workout

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