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Your Passwords Can Be Hacked in Literally One Second: Here’s Why

Check out the stats on how hackers target your passwords…

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Okay everyone, this is an important and extremely overlooked topic in today’s world. Well, unless you’re a tech genius or a millionaire–passwords. With technology replacing what was once hidden boxes under our beds and old, rusty locks. We keep all our deepest secrets online.

First, I’d like to personally raise my hand for being the person who uses one password for everything. Sometimes with the number 1 after, sometimes an ! if a symbol is required. We all know who we are. Turns out it takes about 2 seconds to break your password that you’ve been using since 1995.

I guess I feel like we all knew this but just didn’t want to change? I mean who wants to reset a hundred passwords then attempt to keep track of them. The chart below via Reddit shows just how easy it really is for a tech-terrorist to steal your sh*t.

The crazy thing to me is that the difference between 4 letters and 18 is like an ungodly amount. From instant to a bajillion years. Speaking from my own experience I have like $2 so I’ve never been too worried about it. But having your identity stolen is a huge bummer, maybe this is a good time to take a look at your password habits?

Unfortunately I even went through a phase where I kept my passwords written on sticky notes…that were stuck to my laptop. There is no excuse. Point being, if you have something to lose, by mindful of you internet security. People will scam you for everything you’re worth! This is the world we live in!

Don’t be naive. Don’t get your life stolen. Don’t be someone who believes the Earth is flat like this couple who searched for the end of the world. Where did they think they would go, a waterfall off the side of the earth that just goes into space? I bet those people have 4 letter passwords.

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