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Young Designer Cooks Up Hot And Cheesy Pizza Prom Dress

This article is better with pizza.

This article is better with pizza.
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“Designer” prom dresses have been all the rave in recent prom seasons, beginning with teenager Kyemah McEntyre making a much-needed statement in her stunning African ball gown in 2015 all the way to Olivia Mears, who changes the game with pizza.

Yes, pizza. An entire dress made of pizza. Is it Lady Gaga? No. It’s Olivia Mears.

Everyone is obsessed with food, we know this. This is common knowledge. I bet your hands have been itching to pick up your cell phone and order pizza right now and you haven’t even finished reading the article yet. You can order me a side of buffalo wings, while you’re at it.

Mears’ hot and cheesy pizza dress has pizza lovers going crazy. Her photos went viral and people are even commenting that they’ve found their dream wedding dress. When Mears’ sits, the pizza dress forms a full pie. See here:

It even twirls and everything!

Mears’ doesn’t stop there, however. Here she is posing on a throne made of Domino’s pizza boxes. It doesn’t get more badass than that.

Along with her glamorous pizza creation, Mears has also designed several other dresses, including a “Taco Belle” dress for Halloween, just in case you love tacos and Beauty and the Beast. Her Instagram page is avantgeek, where she shows off her latest creations. I’m sure she’ll be getting way more requests to cook up some more amazing dresses. When it comes to food, the stomach’s the limit.

Now that you’ve found the right dress to wear, check out this Guide to the Ultimate Weed Wedding!

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