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VIDEO: Gorilla Breakdancing In Paddling Pool

Dance like nobody is watching.

Image Via: Metro

I don’t know about you, but at least 10% of my day is spent scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and watching funny and cute videos of animals. Whether it be a Dachshund walking a horse or a hedgehog enjoying a bath, you have most likely seen them all at some moment or other.

The video below is no exception to adding the list of things to tag a partner or friend in to brighten their day or when you are next checking your social media. Look for yourself:


The gorilla from the Dallas Zoo in Texas is clearly loving life as he spins and swirls uncontrollably around the pool and floods the room with not a care in the world. The innocence of watching animals enjoy themselves is so pure, leaving many wondering why they are unfortunately continuously hunted for ‘personal gain and glory’ when in their natural environment.

In other monkey business; see where this youngster was found.

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