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WATCH: Travelling Free Surfer Shows Us The Tropical Dream!

The tropical dream.

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Travelling has never looked so tempting… 

Connor Jensen is a travelling free surfer who has spent his time in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia. His days consist of exploring the island’s beautiful culture and beaches.

However, when you or I go on our travels, we love to document the whole thing on social media. From cheeky selfies to cheesy boomerangs, we cover our timelines and walls with holiday snaps. We’re a nation that loves to tell the world about our lives.


But, Connor Jensen has a different idea. Rather than spoil his travels with social media updates, he straps on a GoPro and records his experiences. Then, when he’s back to reality, he can finally share his amazing adventures;

I made this video from a collection of clips I took from the Mentawai Islands over the last two years. I’m a traveling free surfer enjoying the simple life. No social media, just a love for taking videos and showing the world what it looks like through my eyes. Enjoy!


Wow. Jensen sure knows how to do travelling right!

For a very different approach to capturing your holiday, check out this guy!

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