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VIDEO: YouTube Boys Cliff Dive From Abandoned Hotel

Would you do it?

The Youtube channel ‘Adrenaline Addiction’ has recently released a video showing them cliff diving into the sea from an abandoned hotel. 

Chase Reinford, 23, is a self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” from Philadelphia. He is known for adventuring and the daredevil stunts on his Youtube channel, which he set up in 2007. He has even made jumps as big as 125ft over a waterfall in the Grand Canyon.

Abandoned Hotel

Reinford has travelled to Italy in one of his adventures. In a recent video, he and five friends find an abandoned hotel overlooking Lake Garda and decide it would be a perfect place to dive from. The boys break into the hotel by ignoring warning signs and climbing over a chain link fence. Once inside, they use the hotel’s many balconies to throw themselves into the water. They perform stunts such as backflips, tumbles and wall jumps in their dives.

However, Chase and his friends leave the hotel when the police turn unto bust them for trespassing. Let’s hope they aren’t in too much trouble!

Cliff diving is becoming an increasingly popular sport among young thrill-seekers. In fact, this exact location was used for diving by another channel, JAMs LIFE, in April this year. You can watch his video here.

Or if cliff diving isn’t your thing, you can check out my last article here!

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