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There’s A New Instagram Account That Shames Travel Bloggers For Their Fake Photos

There’s no way they slept there!

Camping, or I suppose I should say ‘glamping’ has more and more people leaving the warmth and comfort of their homes to brave the out doors.

For some people this is simply a remote location with no wifi.

However some really do take ‘going back to nature’ to the extreme. Some of these camping locations seem absolutely unreal.

One user claims to have successfully scaled this dizzying height and spent the night under the stars. An amazing picture - but how long did the subject spend there? That's another matterThis user appears to have spent the night next to one of the world's most famous landmarks. Is it amazing - or just tiresome?I am all for living on the edge and doing the most exciting and amazing things, but sleeping right next to the water all night. Not on my to do list.

Near the water or on a cliff yeah fine, but right on the edge is pushing it a bit. Especially if you are a mover in your sleep. Nice cool dip in the middle of the night would certainly wake you up!

These great locations and daring explorers are being outed, for not actually sleeping in those dangerous places.

An Instagram user that operates the account @youdidnotsleepthere has taken the inspiration from other accounts such as @youdidnoteatthat. Deciding to call those who have posted pictures of tents in perilous places.

Apparently, this young couple hung their tent over the Grand Canyon at sunset. One commenter said 'good luck getting out of that tent'I can certainly believe that some of these photos are edited, such as the one above. But perhaps they are not all wrong.

We do have some crazy people in this world.

It's an amazing picture by Zeppaio - but merely one of thousands in the extreme camping genre A man can be seen perched on the edge of a cliff-face as he relaxes in a sleeping bag. It's clearly a genuine shot and he's obviously strong in the derring-do department - but did he really spend the night there? 

Thought this was daring? Check out this cliff top slide!

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