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Mesmerizing Video Shows How Luggage Is Stored on Plane

New footage gives viewers insight into the mesmerizing way airlines store luggage.

Credit: 3askary/Reddit

Traveling by plane, one of the Modern Age’s greatest feats has made the world a bit smaller. Now, you can choose to fly to Beijing or Nairobi, or Berlin in a matter of hours (sometimes with a layover in between).

You show up to the airport, you check your luggage, you go through security, you board your plane, and—BAM!–you’re in a new place.

You’re in a new place with your clothes and everything in your luggage. Of course, we know that our luggage (hopefully) accompany us on our journey.

But imagine the hundred (or more!) people on your flight. Odds are, most of them also checked luggage when they arrived. Odds are, their luggage is also stored in the underside of the plane. 

In a mesmerizing new video, you get to see just exactly how this process is done:

This video shows us the storage area, beneath the seating area of the plane—yet still in the fuselage. This expansive area goes from being empty to filled to the brim with passengers’ luggage. 

We watch this mesmerizing process as the airline worker removes luggage from a conveyer belt. The conveyer belt appears to enter the plane all the way to the back to transport more easily the luggage to the worker.

The worker then neatly stacks all the luggage, optimizes space, and continues until the plane is filled. 

Meanwhile, passengers are boarding above or taking their seats and readying for takeoff.

So now you know that when you’re sipping your tea or champagne or sparkling water on board the airplane, down below—your luggage was stacked in the manner you see above. 

You learn something new every day.

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