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Hawaii is Offering Free Round-Trips Flights To Remote Workers

It’s only the flights that are free.

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As a result of COVID-19, approximately 40% of U.S. employees now work from home, staring at a computer screen in the confines of their own four walls. However, a new program called Movers and Shakas, will help combat the monotony of working from home, by giving remote workers the opportunity to stare at a screen amidst the golden sands and blue seas of Hawaii.

Movers and Shakas is a new program that is offering remote workers a free round trip to Hawaii, in exchange for just a few hours of community service. Launched in a partnership that includes the Hawaii state government, business leaders, various alumni associations like Central Pacific Bank Foundation and FCH Enterprises, the program aims to diversify Hawaii’s economy amid business shutdowns and decreased tourism.

Jason Higa, CEO of FCH Enterprises, says:

Now that many people have the choice to work remotely, there’s an opportunity for former local residents to return home and for out-of-state individuals and families to live and work from Hawaii for a longer period of time. We believe this program will attract many former Hawaii residents and professionals seeking a safe, warm environment to continue living their normal lives while contributing to the Hawaii community.

Sound too good to be true? A seeming paradise surely couldn’t exist in our 2020 COVID-19 hellscape? Well, the program does, in fact, seem to be real, but there are a number of qualifications that you must meet to participate. 

For example, you must be a U.S. resident of at least 18 years old to apply. You also should be employed and work remotely, and not a current resident of Hawaii. Additionally, those selected for the program should be able to move to Oahu within a month, as well as staying there full-time for 30 full days. Once in Oahu, participants in the program must commit to 15 hours a week of volunteer work with local partners, which include the Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scouts of Hawaii, and the Pacific-Asian Center for Entrepreneurship at UH Mānoa.

Still want to participate? There’s still more you need to know about the program. Although the plane tickets are free, participants will still need to pay for rent, transport, and any food or entertainment costs they incur while in Oahu. Oh, and once you’re there, you’ll need to test negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of landing, or else self-isolate for two weeks. Hawaii is the state with the lowest cases-per-capita in the U.S., and they’re strict about keeping it that way.

Willing participants have until December 15 to apply for the program. Fifty participants will be chosen, with additional participants added on a rolling basis. Those who are selected will receive free round-trip airfare to Hawaii, but will still have to pay for rent, transport, and all the other essential things. So, not as much of a paradisical holiday after all. You’ll still be working.

For more remote work holidays in tropical destinations, click here to read about the Barbados program inviting remote workers to stay on the island for free.

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