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Finland Celebrates Their 100 Year Independence In the Greenest Way!


Finland just opened their 40th national park, as of June 17, in celebration of their centenary independence.

The newly opened park features 27,000 acres of land with over 130 ponds and lakes according to the CNTraveler. This park is heaven for the outdoor activity lovers. It’s great for camping, solo backpacking as well as exploring their many hiking routes. It has easy biking terrains and canoe and kayak rentals for the lakes.

 There is a ton of wildlife like bears, wolves, and reindeer that inhabit this majestic landmark.

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Hossa means “A place far away,” according to the indigenous Sami people who gave it it’s name.  The name fits it’s purpose as it offers time away from regular schedule to a peaceful getaway with the wilderness.
There are many beautiful sights to see in this park, as well as cool services to take advantage of.  The Värikallio Cliffs have rock paintings that are as old as the New Stone Age. The 4,000 year old paintings deal with the people’s perspective alluding to the fishing and hunting culture that dominated those ancient times.
This park also offers accommodation for overnight stays, planned or unplanned, as well as free-of-charge or reserved. Hossa even has ways to accommodate those who are disabled, by labeling wheelchair accessible trails, and having other services specifically designed for those who need more assistance.

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This park will definitely attract the attention of young and seasoned travelers to alike with it’s cool features and thoughtful construction. If you would like to learn more about this park or plan a future visit, check out their official website here.

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