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A Dip In The Maldives? Try To Watch Without Getting Jealous Challenge

Alright for some eh?

Credit: YouTube

Dreaming of a Tropical Paradise? Rather be in the Maldives? Desperately awaiting summer and finally being able to get away? This guy makes a career out of hopping from one tropical paradise to another and filming his way as he goes. And we’re insanely jealous.

Join Chris Rogers as he spends four days in the Maldives. What even is there to do in the Maldives? Surely it can’t be that good. Snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming… sounds dull, right?

No, it definitely doesn’t. And we all look upon this guy with extreme jealousy as he films his experience, having the time of his life in the ridiculously luxurious Maldives. Watch it here, and try not to get too jealous:

Filming the whole thing on his GoPro, Rogers shows us all a taste of paradise. I didn’t even know water could be that clear. It all looks so lively and adventurous, yet so secluded and peaceful.

This guys’ editing skills are mad. He records his many awesome adventures on his Youtube Channel. You can’t help but watch and feel slightly depressed. Not that a place like the Maldives needs too much editing but hey… we can only dream of being there. Maybe one day!

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