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CityAirbus’ New Flying Taxis Could Change the Game for Sustainable Travel

Your new daily commute, by air.

Credit: Airbus

If like me, you thought 2020 couldn’t get any crazier; think again, because our Back to the Future dream has been fulfilled.

Well… sort of. 

CityAirbus’ new flying taxi is designed as an “all-electric, four-seat, multi-copter vehicle”. The flying taxis will be a new, noise-free advance in air travel designed to take city commuting into the air sustainably.

Credit: Airbus

The CityAirbus can be flown remotely for fifteen minutes on fixed routes in the air and can travel up to 75mph. They claim to be three times faster than your average car commute into work. Moreover, the futuristic helicopter has room for four people in total; meaning you can share a lift with other people.

In June, CityAirbus conducted its first take-off in front of the media and the Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder, who traveled to the facility in Germany to witness the successful take-off and flight.

Credit: Airbus

However, the concept still has a long way to go to be affordable and compete against classic means of public transport and cars. Especially as they only have a fifteen minute flying time, with a projected range of 60 miles. Exceeding this would mean a lengthy recharge of up to an hour. This means it perfect for its purpose of inter-city travel, however, prevents any large scale flights between cities.

The company would need a big investment to build enough of the CityAirbuses to become more convenient than jumping in your car on the way to work. However, the CityAirbus promises a commute without the pain of traffic in the early hours of the morning. Idyllic.

Credit: Airbus

It seems we may still be a bit of a way off for flying cars circa Back to the Future 2015, however, I see the congestion-free appeal. Despite the whole, remotely piloted, in the air, between skyscrapers thing. I’m not scared, promise.

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