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Barbados Invites People to Stay and Work Remotely for a Year

Spend a year working remotely in Barbados.

Frustrated and exhausted from working in your home during this pandemic? Luckily, Barbados offers visitors the opportunity to work remotely and move to this enchanting island for a whole year. 

On July 12 Barbados began accepting applications for the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp, a visa that allows visitors to reside in this country for a period of one year while they work remotely. 

Image from lorax20 / Pixabay

Still consider this a far-fetched idea? The application is quite simple, a process that takes less than seven days.

A copy of a passport and birth certificate must be submitted electronically to be considered. Once approved, applicants will pay a non-refundable fee of $2000 for one visa. You will pay $3000 for a family bundle and submit additional documents if you choose to include your spouse or children. 

Image from Beatrice Murch / Flickr

While the government of Barbados welcomes people around the globe, they do acknowledge visitors must take the appropriate precautions before traveling. Barbados Tourism Marketing recommends that residents from high-risk countries get tested 72 hours before their flight.

With the restrictions of working from home, this remains a promising option for adventurous people.

Surely the idea of working online in the sunshine, under a blue sky, and in the presence of the Caribbean’s beautiful ocean is enough to pique anyone’s interest.

So, if you seek a change of scenery, consider filling the application form.

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