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These Videos Show the Weird and Wonderful Appeal of Japan

From robot restaurants to haunted homes, Japan has it all

Image Credit: Pxfuel

To many tourists, Japan is a truly unforgettable experience; as from robot restaurants to haunted homes, Japan is full of curiosities. Tiktok user @japanontiktok has taken up the challenge of cataloguing these oddities and their videos are an absolute treat to watch.

@japanontiktok has created many multi-part series documenting the weird and wonderful aspects of Japanese culture, but their recent videos showcasing ‘unusual things that are normal in Japan’ have been smash hits on Tiktok, raking in thousands to millions of views each. 

Japan’s use of technology is known to be impressive, with the country boasting everything from driverless trains to fully automated robot hotels, and @japanontiktok’s videos are definitely proof of Japan’s innovation. Check it out for yourself, you’re sure to be impressed:

With their account receiving over 14 million likes total, it’s clear to see that Tiktok users are amazed by the Japan’s mesmerising features. @japanontiktok has produced many series detailing cool facts about Japan and even tips for travel or tourism, so they’re definitely worth a watch if you’re planning a trip!

That’s not all though, they’ve also got all the anime fans out there covered! With international anime fandoms spreading like wildfire over the past few decades, its safe to say most visitors to Japan are at least aware of the phenomenon. However, while anime’s still a bit underground elsewhere, Japan has fully embraced it’s love for animation and it’s clear to see just how devoted the country is.

Check out this video showing a small snippet of Japan’s love for anime, featuring everything from a full-size Gundam robot to a treasure trove of anime-themed goodies: 

@japanontiktok’s account is a treat for everyone interested in Japan, so be sure to follow them for more interesting facts and fun highlights of life in the Land of the Rising Sun!

If you’re somehow not already convinced Japan’s worth a visit, or just curious what else the country has to offer, you should check out this café creating stunning viral 3D latte art or find out why Japan has the best KFC in the world.

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