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Strongest Relationships Include Humour

Studies show relationships that include shared humour are the strongest.

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Have you and your partner got a ton of inside jokes that make you really insufferable to everybody else? Great news! Studies completed by the University of Kansas’ Jeffrey Hall show humour is key for a strong relationship. You’ll outlast all your critics’ relationships.

Hall has been researching the role of humour in relationships for over 30 years, completing 39 studies, in which he has looked at around 15,000 people. He’s the author of over 40 books and chapters. So paying attention to what he has to say is probably a good idea. He believes that those couples that have a sense of humour, and an ability to laugh with each other are the strongest.

Now, don’t worry if you aren’t naturally funny. Though, of course, some people are attracted to a sense of humour in another person, if you only know two knock-knock jokes, all is not lost. Being funny in itself isn’t enough for a strong relationship – what is necessary is the humour you create together. Hall says, ‘It’s not about being a great comedian, but finding what’s funny in the everyday and enjoying it together.’

So next time your partner stacks it, make sure to poke a little fun at them for it. But be careful! If the jokes go too far – become ‘mean-spirited’ – this is bad news for your relationship. So make sure you know your partner’s limits, and you keep your communication open! And, you know, laugh with each other, not at each other. Unless, they do something really stupid – in that case I give you permission. Go ahead.

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