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Stripper Can Allegedly Predict Future Market Better Than Bankers

Stripper takes to social media to explain how other exotic dancers know more about the financial world than any major executive.

Credit: Twitter/Botticellibimb /shutterstock/Atstock Productions

A stripper has made recent claims that she understands the economy better than the people who have made a career from being professional financial advisors. 

Apparently, we are in trouble, according to the woman, strip clubs are ‘sadly a leading indicator’ of our economic health, and they are currently empty.

If this is true, the recession will negatively impact people for various reasons, one of which is the rise in the cost of living.

According to the woman, the strippers she knows have a better understanding of the financial world than ’any finance bro or marketing exec.’

A huge portion of expects are also reporting that a recession is in fact on its way, according to the New York Post. 

The woman took to Twitter, using the handle @botticellibimbo to write:

‘We always have to be aware of fluctuations in the market and how upper class white men are behaving and spending their money.

’Ask ANY stripper we have to be aware of how rich people are going to spend their money, stripping is betting on how the rich spend their money. You’re gonna tell me that isn’t just a stock exchange?’

She explained how the financial world and strip clubs essential go hand-in-hand with their similarities, pointing out how the salesman/salesperson aspect applies to both professions. 

Even someone claiming to be a ’mail carrier’ said that they noticed that small business owners are being affected by the crisis due to the drop in packages being delivered and shipped.

It is very possible that many financial experts may agree with the woman about a recession on its way even if the crisis is already here.

Among the people who believe the recession is going to happen is Dr. Michael Burry, who was publicly vocal about the 2008 economic crash and spoke against the housing market.

He has made claims that people have run through their savings due to the pandemic and are borrowing more than spending, per Insider.

There are reports that the market is preparing for the crash according to Bloomberg from a statement made by the chief executive officer, Dan Fitzpatrick.

While nothing has been confirmed yet about a recession, people would do well to heed the warning.

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