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This is the Story of Sydney’s Most Haunted Road

It will keep you awake tonight.

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Weird New Jersey? Weird U.S.? Try Weird Australia.

Currently, Sydney is home to one of the most paranormal — and therefore popular– roads in Australia. Located near Sydney’s northern beaches, and part of Garigal National Park, Wakehurst Parkway will live in infamy throughout the continent, as stories and haunting tales invoke fear within any listener.

Perhaps the most popular, two myths involve a ghost girl named “Kelly” and a menacing nun. Creepy. Legend has it, Kelly was a young girl who died in the 1970’s while traveling the ill – fated road. Now, her spirit haunts the stretch of road that is Wakehurst Parkway, appearing in the middle of the road, and sometimes, as a passenger. Some believe that Kelly’s spirit has an unfulfilled purpose, while others see her as nothing more than a face of evil. Either way, it’s probably best not to cross paths with her. Let’s not forget abut the nun, who has had numerous sightings since her death nearly fifty years ago, terrifying drivers with her ghostly religious image.

In addition, Wakehurst is notorious for fatal crashes; there were even reports of discovered murder victims throughout the years. With ghosts, car wrecks, and graves, this highway certainly possesses an eerie atmosphere seldom experienced by the ordinary human.



Much like any other haunted road, Wakehurst has attracted ghost hunters and thrill seekers alike, hoping to encounter something abnormal. Personally, I would find an alternate route.

Despite truth or fiction, there is something about the paranormal that inexplicably captures the interest of humans. Perhaps it is the fear of ghosts and dim lit roads that induce the spine chilling feeling of terror. Maybe it is the sense of the unknown; the desire to understand something beyond our perception.

One thing is for sure: If you want to fulfill this natural human desire, take a drive down Wakehurst Parkway.

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