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Starbucks Employees Grow Frustrated As TikTok Sparks Ridiculous New Trend

Starbucks’ staff has become subject to ridiculous coffee orders from TikTokers.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Modern&Cold

When the coronavirus lockdown started, the social media platform TikTok took off. Videos of β€œquick tips”, dance moves, singing, or just funny skits took over the internet. For example, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio – two of the biggest stars on TikTok- currently have a combined net worth near $11 million: both of them are younger than 20-years-old. The app has truly been a cash cow. 

Still, one issue that has come about has been the need to “trend”. People are coming up with crazier and crazier ideas to try and become noticed and/or famous. 

I mean seriously, customer service can be hard enough. I worked at a restaurant all throughout high school and during parts of college. Let me just tell you, I got some ridiculous requests. One day, a lady asked for patio seating. 10 minutes later she came in complaining about her bee allergy (as if we could control whether or not bees are outside).

So, when I see something like this, I start to squirm a little bit. Why? Well, mostly because of the fact that the people are doing this for their own β€œcontent”. Like, I get it, try and make your social media footprint. At the same time, you can create content that doesn’t include tormenting the people making minimum wage.

Their days are tough enough, you don’t need to order a coffee with 20 different ingredients to make it even worse. I am positive that if you were in a Starbucks worker’s shoes you would not be thrilled in the slightest if you got an order for a coffee with: almond milk, a caramel swirl, an espresso shot, whipped cream, sugar, cream, mocha flavor, whatever; you get the point.

So, it may be all fun and games now, but if workers start to quit, people may have trouble getting their Starbucks coffee. Thanks TikTok. 

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