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We Can Look Forward to a New and Improved Smiling Mask Emoji in Apple’s Newest Update

Even the Emojis are wearing their masks now… What’s your excuse?

Credit: Mask Wearing Emoji Now Smiles / Emojipedia

Masks have more or less become the unfortunate mascot of 2020, not to mention a cultural staple. Now, the oft-forgotten mask Emoji which has existed thus far on Apple devices is getting an upgrade.

Unveiled as part of Apple’s upcoming iOS 14.2, the update would see a host of new emojis making their way onto our phones, including the shiny new update to the ‘medical mask’ emoji.

The new mask Emoji is believed to be part of a push for the normalisation of mask-wearing, amidst the recent (and inexplicable) protests against pandemic safety

Many eagle-eyed observers have noted that the new Emoji looks somewhat familiar- and they would be right. The new masked Emoji shares it’s facial features with the pre-existing smiling blushing Emoji. Expanded Emoji cinematic universe, anyone?

The new iOS is expected to drop sometime in the near future; some have speculated as early as the end of this month.

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