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Viral Tik Tok Showing Baby Being Thrown Into a Pool Sparks Controversy

Was this okay?

A new TikTok video showing a mum throwing her little boy into a swimming pool in an attempt to teach him how to swim has gone viral on the social media platform. 

The woman, a Krysta Meyer from Colorado Springs in the US, only downloaded the app a couple of months ago to share funny clips of her with her kids. You can only imagine her surprise when one of her family videos reached over 50 million views.
Via Tik Tok

The Tik Tok shows Krysta’s eight-month-old son Oliver being chucked straight into the water by his swimming teacher. He is fully submerged for a few seconds until he comes back up to the surface and begins paddling on his back, followed by cheering by his mum on the side. 

Krysta captioned the video: “Oliver amazes me every week! I can’t believe he is barely two months in and is catching on so fast. He is a little fish.”

Over 120,000 comments have accumulated on the video, with a huge number of them criticising both the technique of the instructor and the parenting of Krysta. 

One person commented: “Dropped him in there like a bath bomb.” This comment alone accumulated over 300,000 likes. Another claimed that it resembled how they “throw a bag in the garbage can”. 

Another comment, directed more towards Krysta herself, added “If I was his mother, I would not be able to watch that.”

The video has also gone viral on Twitter, with many users coming up with funny and inventive captions.
Via Twitter
Via Twitter
Via Twitter

The topic is certainly a controversial one, and it seems the general reaction is one of shock when people see the video. It doesn’t seem to sit quite with most people, and this explains why the video has gone so viral. Check out another viral social media parent here, who has gone above and beyond to keep his kids entertained. 

Featured image via Tik Tok

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