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Reddit Users Want An ‘Edge Of The World Discovery’ Show For Flat Earth Truthers

Let’s make this happen.

Let's make this happen.

Godd*mmit Kyrie.

This has been a trending topic in the media world lately, and celebrities such as the new Boston Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving question the legitimacy of the earth’s spherical form. Although I don’t believe Irving is one of the hardcore flat earthers, he is the most recent celebrity to side with the conspiracy.

Scientific evidence including the Coriolis effect, seasons, the formation of the solar system, and real-live photos from the Intl. Space Station are apparently not enough proof for many flat earth truthers.

So, naturally, the world wants to make a spectacle out of the whole debate/conspiracy:

Some guys over at Reddit have had the ultimate breakthrough idea of how to finally get [flat earthers] to shut up once and for all: create a reality TV show based around them finding the edge of the world. This would obviously keep them going forever and so out of everyone else’s face with their dumb opinions OR could possibly lead to them finding it and hopefully falling off the edge.

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Let’s check out the thread from these future TV directors and producers:

brssnj45: I recently met a flat earther.  They think you can’t reach the edge of the world as it’s no-zoned by a giant ice wall So the idea is that there’s a gap in the ring you can pass through, but it’s being guarded by the military at the South pole, and absolutely no one is allowed past that point.

Thus what we think is our planet is more like Attack on Titan, and this giant ring is a wall we don’t know about and can’t go past.

Knut_Sunbeams: I got banned from their sub for laughing at them. Their mentality seems to be that even if they were taken to space and shown the Earth as the sphere it is they still wouldn’t believe it so they ‘challenge’ the ideas of so called intellectuals.

Personally if you’re going to deny science in such a stupid f*cking way and spout conspiracy theories about NASA you should be banned from using anything made possible by science. Have these morons living in huts with zero access to technology.

A battle at the South Pole to reveal the truth of the flat earth? Great movie script brewing here.

Documentary series have been huge lately. I’m almost positive people would watch a show or movie about this.

Netflix, the ball is in your court.

Wait… could this be the edge of the planet??

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