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People are Being Tricked to Believe the Inside of a Cheese Grater is a New Club

How are people falling for this?

Meme. The Inside Of This Cheese Grater. 18 months ago. Retrieved via

Social media has made it even easier for people to prank their friends. It’s like having April Fool’s Day whenever you feel like it! I must admit, sometimes the pranks I see I don’t really understand. And this one of tricking people into believing that the inside of a cheese grater is a new club is a good example.

According to timw_brap (, this meme is the new way to trick your friends into really believing that the inside of a cheese grater is a new club. He believes that “you haven’t really got any reason to think that your friends might be lying to you about a new club opening, but its still funny to see this happening” ( 1). I guess when you get bored and want to have some fun with your friends, anything can seem funny.

Fichier d’Origine. A Photo of a Cheese Grater. March 20, 2006. Retrieved via

Its not so hard to believe though because people can be pretty gullible. And with the right lighting, lighting, and angles it is possible that it could look real enough. But if you really focus in, you can see that it is a cheese grater. I just don’t see the hilarity in it all. There are definitely other ways to prank your friends. Who knows what the next prank will be but I hope it is a lot better than this one.

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