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Meet TikTok’s Most Positive Creators: Larry Canam and Keith Lee

The internet is full of weird and wonderful things, but two TikTok creators have been capturing the attention of users with their kindness, creating a wholesome space with the content.

Photo Credit: @joris_mthmr/Twitter, @Keith_Lee125/TikTok

TikTok has risen in popularity in the last four years, with 693 million downloads in 2019 and 850 million in 2020, without signs of slowing down.  

We have all been there, sat scrolling through the app, finding nothing of note. Nothing that differs from the overreaching story times, POVs, and trends.  

We see the same type of content on repeat every day, and while some of it brings momentary entertainment, none of it has a lasting impact. Not on us and not on the people included in the videos.  

And with the For You Page being so deeply catered to your interest, it’s hard to see anything that differs.  

Well, I managed to do it, but don’t ask me how because I have no answer for you.  

I changed my FYP to display more varied content, and in doing so, I found creators who present goodness and warmth to their following.  

But one thing stands out to me.   

Are we so desensitized to content with no positive meaning or any meaning at all?  

Two of these high-profile creators go by the TikTok usernames ‘Thewhyteeelephant’ and ‘Keith_lee125,’ with millions of followers and content that sticks out.  

But let’s have a look at why these creators are successful in the manner of being wholesome.  

The Spirit Alchemist: Larry Canam and His Concoctions

The TikTok creator ‘Thewhyteelephant’ has gained 4 million followers after he started making videos in his basement for fun.  

Also known as Larry Canam, the 69-year-old TikTok star started his online career with ‘how-to’ videos with his son. With no expectations of anyone ever seeing them.  

The ex-military man frequently uploads with various cocktails and milkshakes, always promoting drinking responsibly.

“How to make a Harvey Wallbanger” was Canam’s first released video in February 2021. Canam hides his face through the first batch of his videos, focusing solely on teaching viewers ‘how-to’ make drinks. From various alcoholic beverages to milkshakes, Canam hits all demographics and teaches them something new.  

On his very first video, Canam left a message in the comments section, thanking people. He let them know he has “left all my old videos to remind me how it all started. Also, for anyone who is thinking of starting. It’s a learning process.”  

You can’t tell me that comment alone doesn’t show you that this man’s following is coincidental but wholly deserved.  

Canam doesn’t just upload videos, he has a connection with his global audience, making an effort to reply to compliments and questions. In one of his recent videos with 2.1 million views and 201.8 thousand likes, he shows his followers how to make a ‘yellow cake batter milkshake’ for his weekly installment of #milkshakemondays.  

One commenter, @_nolant, left a message of kindness, “This guy makes my day fully every time.” Canam replied, “Thanks very much. Happy milkshake Monday.”  

Canam’s interest in making cocktails became a hobby after using a book he bought over 20 years ago. He later widened his creations to milkshakes after his viewers requested that he also makes non-alcoholic drinks.

Canam’s fans noticed his blender. It is a wedding present from fifty years ago for him and his wife—yet another reason to be encapsulated by his kindness and wonderful creations.  

So, if you are looking for something that won’t rot your brain and teach you something new, check out ‘thewhyteelephant’ on TikTok. And support Canam’s creations by buying him a coffee

Las Vegas’ Saviour Of Food: Keith Lee

And, if Larry Canam’s sweet shakes and cocktail-how-to’s aren’t your thing, then you should check out @Keith_Lee125. 

TikTok’s recent hit food reviewer, Keith Lee, has over 12.8 million followers with 503 million likes and has captured the eye of his viewers with his honest support of small businesses – having been honored for his contributions by TikTok’s inaugural Visionary Voices list – and helping to resurrect those struggling. 

Lee has been uploading regularly since 2020, focusing on food reviews since 2021. 

Known for his family value lifestyle, Lee is uncompromising when it comes to his honest take, often helping family-owned businesses that deserve recognition using his platform by uploading reviews. 

A true example of the power he and many others may have, Lee used his platform for good, saving a struggling food truck that was on the verge of closing for good. 

Lee uploaded a video in January 2023 after stumbling across a seafood truck while riding his bike. He mentions his allergy to shellfish, telling his audience he said aloud, “Never mind, I can’t eat nothing here.” 


He isn’t on yelp so I tagged him on my IG 💕 Southern Taste Seafood taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

The food truck, ‘Southern Taste Seafood,’ was run by the owner Gary who offered to cater to Lee’s allergies as they also offer burgers and fries. The owner told him to come back the next day, he would ensure that his food would be safe and would not be contaminated. 

Lee mentions in the video that Gary, the owner, told him that business was slow.

“He’s lucky if he gets five to ten people.” 

The owner said that the food was free, “It’s on the house, just for you coming back.” Lee then proceeded to send the business $450 and recorded his reaction. The man believed it was a mistake and wanted to return the money, but Lee refused. 

“The fries get an 8.9 out of 10,” he said. “That burger gets a 9.5 out of 10.” 

Lee’s positive review of not only the food but the business inspired fans. Only an hour after the video was uploaded, it received 3.4 million views.

The owner had received over 99 calls and money through his cash app.  


#stitch with @keith_lee125 Mr Gary Update Video 💕 Please be patient YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO SEND ANYTHING 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

Lee’s food truck promotion saved the struggling business by exposing it to the internet. 

So, Why Is This Wholesome?

The internet has always been painted in a bad light, but Larry Canam and Keith Lee have shown that there is a positive side to our online world.

It can do some good, whether that’s by bringing a smile to your face with the sweetness of a kind man making milkshakes or helping to save a struggling business.

Besides, you can’t have too much wholesomeness in your life, right?

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